About us.

Time to read. At Hello Hossy®, we incorporate our passion and panache into the creation of caps and accessories that are original, colorful, offbeat, iconic, and full of character for all our children. Hello Hossy® was founded by Murielle and Ludo—along with their little rascals Timéo and Jimmy. Our products are inspired by our experiences in France, England, and America, in both urban and natural environments - including Hossegor, our base camp! Our goal is to create quirky, one-of-a-kind accessories for babies and children that will delight your kids, make them proud, and accompany them in their daily lives.

Cool Kids Only.

So far, we've already come up with more than 100 original cap styles for your little devils. Always available for kids from 9 months of age, they're chock-full of fun, color, and love. Our revolution started in 2018 with caps for children and babies. It continues today with beanies, backpacks, sunglasses, and lots of other cool stuff coming soon. We created Hello Hossy® for our little rascals. They will always be our priority.

The Family.

Hello Hossy® is a family business. It's a family story that we'd like to share with you and your little rascals. Taking care of our kids and our many projects can be a major challenge. Sometimes, it's hard to juggle everything ;). Although we still have a long way to go, we're happy to see our community growing and the smiles on the faces of the children wearing our products. Follow us on Insta and share your family photos 🤩 By the way, some of our kids' caps and beanies are also available for parents to create matchy-matchy looks from space!

Our collections.

In the beginning, we simply wanted to make mega-cool, mega-stylish caps for kids. Then, thanks to all your feedback, we gradually expanded our range to include beanies, sunglasses, bucket hats, backpacks, socks, swimsuits, and water bottles. In other words, plenty of accessories to make Cool Kids Only happy and proud. Every day, we work hard to provide you with even more goodies in the future. If you have ideas for children's accessories, feel free to share them with us. If possible, we'll look into launching them in the medium to long-term. In any case, we always consider your feedback. Sign up for our newsletter (on the bottom of this page) to stay up-to-date on all our news.

Our products.

Our products are available for babies and children from 9 months to 10 years of age. Whether your little devils are in childcare, kindergarten, or elementary school, there's something for absolutely every child. If you're unsure about their size, don't worry—we explain everything on our product pages. Hello Hossy® accessories are unisex. No clichés, no fuss...each kid simply chooses what they want 💥 And since we don't like to leave anyone out, we've even thought of parents! Create matchy-matchy "parents-kids" looks with our caps and beanies. At Hello Hossy®, we like to say: 1 family, 1 style, 1 cap. See you soon!
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Take the time to discover and follow us on Instagram. We try to share our daily news and routines as much as possible, with Murielle, our teams, and our children. It's not always easy to juggle everything, but it's always a pleasure to share with our followers. And we're always open to new ideas if you have some feedback. Creating accessories for Cool Kids Only from space, that's a real topic 😅 Even more so when it affects the matchy-matchy looks of the whole family!