The Family.

Hello Hossy® is a family business. For Murielle and me, starting the company back in 2018 wasn't an easy decision. We decided to put all our eggs in one basket, with the hope of sharing an adventure with our future customers. Although we still have a long way to go, we're happy to see the Hello Hossy® community growing. Every day is a challenge. No, we're not a multinational (it's good to be reminded!), but a small French company that goes out of its way every day to make children happy and provide personalized responses to all your inquiries. By the way, feel free to say hello to us on Insta or via email ;).
The team. Hello Hossy® was founded by Murielle, Ludo, and their two little rascals (Timéo and his younger brother Jimmy, who are, of course, the brand's first ambassadors). We also have a small team (who can be counted on one hand) who work hard every day to help develop the brand, make it grow, and (above all) put a smile on children's faces. Come on, it's time to get back to work ;).